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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 24, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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ts phyca pe'll k th msunat pan how ca it kes l th thenatantlfoowr t go n inatition.s he al t ig n ow o n "fgoox newsatn. sundal."ig n o"f nd and hlo ainrofo xew s d w aashiinton. on ffoday,ewresde obama annohiced n. wil kee a fredeba campgn p miseno andd ilri kll s. ros hommpemserandqll e enof theroom yeear.m eaier en t we yr. ske w ith secr eteayr oftateilla c wlienton ske wh cr oftela cli uzbestan aut iraq t bean a ut i qathf mmm t qaddafi h >>fecrery cnton t u q da coanr in raqan ted>>re c on uprdsf 1500roop iconaninq ir n t y eaupr.s ro thwhithous iral nke abo yut reethit tusivealbohoand. e y is esidt oba puli ho an ouof o tros ou? s id chrob, ipuli tnk w e ou oulrod pouut ishrinto e app wprul p hioric o context a firsof a , pr idenhiobamic sa thacomb tro cs woted le e ir by rse en aof tprsenam sahambrowo lear.iry en t
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t bere heveraid tt, . th usbe herd admisat als commthtedus to a witisraatng a als tr ps bmmthed end ots w yng a so y havtr a be o bipartisa coitme yoavitra aw combatipti oopsnd t ha wa viecowemedoitraom apprpsriat tehaieiv the veloentpr oatf t iraqi iv t secuty f orce s.lot o tra but alw s ma de ccu we f ce re on to is sst nlw witmah w e i ora tqis ty wannteitdome ki o f onings presencan andha w hav kieoningre dgrd tavo i a suppt antrag msid t milato w t weave pp an ra cogtrie fsim or da la wwee coie f to or combiand wwill e workio with he iqis.coia w l wilalso wave a r obthus its. ills avdiplaticresee anwe w rl fuill at a t plicseaneq wl th thefu il ras ha mad teq . th he >> cis: ha it adre t geral der busess,hy sou r s c: dt ep tartm t gel r uss, sounegoratinwith deptmt goinheth mali govement until a few weeks m i guyo eevep tntusntands af trosee t re? y>> ts waan ooi tusds ts
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t?scuson. t wastar od seoiral ars o,ept gousg.nd a t ndar ose thel s ayept as iman is siog a andndhe i an gotisionsion andgreementas re hed ttihans meted aeeeent of th red ses t. med the oesidft hafullled the es mmmente ma to t he e idha l ed heeric peo e. havntalsomander the t pres ent'icearseo av so fuerilletheomtmt est' requesd byhe fulee esbyras. aq is a soverei is iepdent s ertion and we ct he a i epde coinui str g seonrity a w relaonsh forany hars ao co ui trsetycome la sh >>orhrisy a wis ran of foren pocy e erts hoh,me >> is wisay anhatf iq i sre npo e yts reahodyh, toy t h iane ish nosbity ofea ctarneiolehncety of intearrfenceiorom in. fo erte grfceoverr mi rnen. id t s af r t fo g er mi anuncent o rnehe taf tullo an ce oesidt obahema aonisng ul lo faile toec a nidrdbalyisng ilantotionecnraq has anon raun hcessily t atisk e viors th wer wonhr ugh unss y atk thblooand crif e of vither on gh thsandof
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thmeoocad if mof and thnd womemeca cretndy, h do ouesn me to tha t? et h o >>irstf al we nell to hary mosqu >>stale m oved yqu andraful m fored y e saificnds of our men andrafuor sa ic o wourenn. nd thoswho ve tir lesnd thwoe wh weren. oso t lnd thwhere gevously injud. g evey wsll neyr b ju wneoregten anshou be noror iegnte our anoue r couny's o histoy. un s e poi i ira was to cisate. pe opoirtun iy fo ithera i tqis at to have th r o opunfohe future to h e withtr fure the othreion a tctat liksadd you can , t o hatandiksayddus. yoare l fo u c o hndy dem oc ayoe fo verenty d independee d em wherpeop get t mak e rey ndenhee er opetn chcesnd oaknehe ohe ha sayhat chshenn choic haay ha t made t ihes foreseen bhoy o ow govedementoing iacs toreen e bu a in istratioownvendntngacto bu ain
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tr iovalinted t obama lidnisttion tnd tma current govementn irq tston thandt turnt meho is nventir a tpriate.ha be use atho n aprte bee is w we we ereor w to gth wee iraqi opleehe cornce to me thei g th eown raitio. le ceoei n io diions. weave ses theegio dwithithernsountes. th is at ywe do e en ys heio e d eali ngthernt. ths yo i yennt d li ng soren naons at have ntll a a decis io fsore thenairs av a dis he >>hrissecrary,et's turn if w can,oi ya >> is cr y, th'se u.n and rnum wn,igohts i grou are c li fthor u a.nnd ht instigion s g at iou areli for n it app rs rom inheigng at v eo peitppmhe that qadfi wcute iteope was war ime nd y a at ad w sote iomgnd fs er e or y w aha yo sd.g >> wcamee w weaw yo s wmee die >>ueion. youegrewha yd, >> uesecrn.etar d ifou mayreha d yd,ret
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crar whatou s d ifd dayoou fee re ddafwas onge or haatt sd d ou f t whawas ominto afs ge himr wel let h wavhaansin o inveigat hn. full seluppoetrt hav t he veat ll naonsponvesgati and t lly pport t ra itnanasles ti nd naonal y or tou'swnit cnaalor naal anndepde'swn c invesorgaon. supptonhtepdeer nv becae it pp is ipeers you ca it po it theerit ipeecse y it s im rtan poo t nd theit factanup rt i tit aimpartano t of wt wi be ct cllrtengi ingart tran tion wwiroe ss c llthe giansionalatiol an on uncitodais gng t e snal io cle the l er cin daof g l t an they a tclhe tnoing toern aney a oi t anounceew governmen theyeed t me tan clece itew ger nm wille a vernnt t uni fyeyd e coletrytnd seek lla rn tnify corecoyiliaeek. makeverne w suprted the rmeregim a lcoong iaas ak erey d w't hupede bld o t ire erim lg hand f eel s d h andbl inc olu tdir a w nd llib sya anc d d s f m ma perecti lib i th k suc amn i mesgaon p woulbe v y iorthnt angaon to ul v iestaorishnt accountabilit re to of l andave e wa
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for taheh aouab r l nd e wa inorusivdemoaticute at t libns tl m t heinivmoicut wa t.ib t t hrissecrary,o yo grethatou sd? iscry,yo ett s >> i not goingo cmme on th. we d n't ien kotw wh wasng cme happ ing tha timethecse d t it kas awhnas u ncppfig edha rmeorec it >> a hav to als aoubo uut r or the n whwas onvi ed f>>oravols ou bo utn 103e whs youvi taledk fout t le olaw.03 ouwoulalyou ke tseehim t otuw.rnedo a sco is hulu temrin? ed >>coishbsolely. i ner thright n? shod ve en r>>easein t folsty. ne th t plachoand d haveveaise with r se t th f higsteadersp heacd veseit tran ti al nthionaig cileade he d i llse again a santin nna il as t y av ei sega t geren the itedtatevery stng eliner thaenthis shod bee eturedd toterst pri son. in ha is th thahois td beurtonlyrin. thha t apoprie ouome with at w aprioue ith w view a scarage jusce wn he was velea a. ar e >> qusck q wstio andheuick s swers.
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you re i paki qan a q wiohilendck ther ers.conrmhe acu iatki a w le th u.s. offic lser won thehe c ths. hakanffi rror wethework in wa hingtan. we nt tetrk kil il --n in wa gt st.e t ildo w--wanto kin theor tk th t m? >> w.are p su g wnt bkiotheh, thr t hav wa poecy o fght t balk anbuil av wepoad o a fht tal mti athe req ue stanil of twead aheeque pakta t t gg whher ere ps an bis f wh r e rthean tki heceainlthettaconkiur ce nl eembatty, tru bomb attack onne oou borde rba t oruutpoomstbtt on oor opo in afghanistave strg answ to ahahestav c sontrarg swo ctr t youonake peace wh yo fri ds youno ttak f p w ng xp iencyori wh we noe trng tto f is gaxpnc w a mong whthee tr to i gro up s ga w ang he woulbe sce androup serious ul abou pcesu aing a ahanederus peacouprocs an tsuin i vered acsoluocly uanndstoo tha in v der r a ro sslu t uoavooe haa
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r cha ae to t succeedave henid ateshand ptoistaav touced dworkith aha nist anes ptaav to we spond to rk phisni ahast rees t. e onwe ato tesng o a potisni of re t. diff ent appesache obutereot of ing o eeffniting thppe heguysute who e ight in g and kileeliniinthys afo ans,ig amehtrinnsnd ail others. af >>s,ye falllmey -er f al>>ly f tllhey esidt ha dloyed a fal t hured ecia for s toid ha dntraloye afric a t oigd htiaorohe ra trd'sig resistaermyhich 'skillestaerm ahind d pl aclled soany a ov the lt fe dpleces so e qu tion s whovhefees interne qu thone anwhnot in lib? nt at ithe orei pol icthyant i lincie atorkr i e ei firol leticeyay chr is ci at k wh we rve sn f m iret ayesidt obhra ov theast two d a whlf ye rs sfnd i idobovhet o a thin yrs rarbl iyith th evinen of e lt si monblith is t his ind o f s rtenf l sion leadshipn a c tex worldisd s rt is payin g o.adip a ex w wasld the ne who p binroghtin. as tneho b lan finl d washe o whout et
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la f coatiha eve llasy ohoet oa ti ha remo ed qfi. i tnk iismpta ha t mo thi very t itaha c plhi v deranyro world hav seb cy pl the rowhithouswho uderan d av thatmeri h ty heea it us o err lanearship i s atri h eenal bu lwe heae toookhip everyal tuat n an mbue hhto rkhtve cisi . at an thewo tht yo rht mentied sione, e nhe tyo fightg en e, niggand were sdinguppo adsingnd el nceweesou srcngespo tory trid adngeourc a fr a to tid t aa t scouef ouf t lord' resiancerm or in sia w areuprtin the sice rm chge f m a ad s wndre anuprt t chposi fon tt only eagnd i an siacef toyonstratiags a iou doot h e i n hatefon oostiio anou as ou ydoou h hade intibya a c l as y h fonyindib out asidel rvenon. i thk th whautsi the psint en .has thonthraha in t qte certsn anchalngiimra in is t kin of l eartdeanhialp tgi
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no tonlyinfmeri buthe wld l toong nolyriut w oongor. >>hrissecrary intowe ve t lea ithe . >> is thcrk yoy so mtouch ral ng tea i t with uand saf t rathveyo. mh alng >> tnk y so ch chrthis u.daf t goodo ta to y t y fo rohr odta t f uzbestan >> cis: ininus n for more n al this thebean leading c : rein npubloran v ce o nat io realishe ldi bl v oatio seritysenar lisey grah. nato welme bk tofox se newsundaty" nali y tha you chriah >> toel btox ws da chr is: i w hat touri sta rt w it >> the g po t th sechrta: ryi t ta wclinn ma at end fhe e poth ec tervw th inmat the presidet rv thha eitedmaearship resi and is e ki d of e ed ma ealersershp theorld s loing d s ki o r. i t nk ithe st ylershheldlog he t i e ymadeome poorangerous ereigolic y ddeeiooo art theangeus ig ol stictegiy level. a he wh it ny clds ira when he mstitargiyev c.ommander w wh t c s i raust s y en mar cmaer i t nee sd 1500 to 18,0 toee15 sport theoai w e 8, t ughtor a you spohe have zo, it isht aou dapinng.ave
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isel h bee thro isap uinerng. e buisy th heero uer buth b by t psint. b bwoulyargu that traq p asint gh ista isul bgueinghauntutraq a ch ago,ot , wa ingt, inta b ng rms ch do,eciswansgtin s >> cis: at aut t armenthat d theisast x nthsin len c: a t arntt het hs l gone, gawlae, i g land nowadfi is gone. >> wl dondow pside is ge. g th dron w indoemde and thonn pakistan a we don mr. presint . ki an no bewe tonelose t deain m re aq ia seous stak noeelo t ea ce bring lea vi i wsehs oak oopsehinis a ser io cebrgeavio miste. psin aer pa tta id o n st acalef ne a on a le tofen - >> c is: e denseen c: d se secrety. ashn caer sd itas a cr et 10. sh cawhen st coitso ahastan he ject adveniccoe ahast he gi n.cthe it dvere ics neer anption on githe ble ull e neanptn
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ut hee se urgel forcut. ut he she cgepromed the ig inrcg ason nd m e c gomen ter all en's on m g jo s mh hr. ll 's t inuestn ou jo m sr.ce n in st ou ghantan d end ir po sly.ce fumbd thwallnsid of t ann enir po . . mb thhopell'mid w tng about wt happ s inperaq t th w areng a w daing thetree in ppinq thre da g hehree. in chr: leme te seetar cl ton'argu ent. she ints ut r hrly ilet tassear cl n' gu t. pridenbushackn 20 08 we ts r i as gotied t sta s of f orceprsenshk20 agre enwhic h ti t ctaleofd f force asll u.s. roopreto bene oicyhele for a enf 20 and ts.op b oyhe enf ndt011 nd it was cle e iras di't wan t is w c there an yeonrager.s di w s itashe n anleon.r. t whyid hput the n. oi hy h t hellhereou legal llre immunior oroegops? im ni o >>very piticro leaopdere met ith >>ry piceancdi pme t hdi pme minier amali sugsted theyouldo it
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e i qi s haveo nir aliugored ey ld thit hav e n o ntilincever or therg caab ity.thav nttheylieed ncuntee ercaabit errori sm eyd te stan. the armissns tt oyer wri can tano. th thariraqsss toerye in m y ienwpen thaq s ndedero this. in th was faire b the o ma edohi admithstastionaio c blosehe thema al. thmili ry c maminder saion cese . needth 15li c tmao 1er00aie weave non e.ed5 100 thais tooline e on here at a ime haen w tnd oooone ira to reec ae w theoo pce agranso iecernt b i trace and e adagct iernnt the i regi we e gog to gd oect i inohe 12 w h n e.gie go to it w hisobhe ima w n wishe ma minirati's j to d is wl. ey niaitile jo w >> hrislet' tur to l yowere l d c>>ritiisc oft' tro oba ainistr atioyonre disd ctiof wor ob aitintrnionis n or ait as one whithous offial p a it s ao o it unusrtunffely l leafro be nd. ununy earo th obama wte h se i be. potingutow th o t wpl h i pongut ow qaafiitho the lofpl
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silemerin sdiernd i qaiho he costbout bil d rs a ssiriser oppod to stut b d a t $ bipolltoio in ir. bi ll wathe esidt rit a i itic ik yiroursel ro wae idri a icf iikea yr relepublican mine for p sidentiearang rubcan lead ing om ind neey worl psi nt haveng ver dficu tim adg nd w uth arol vea. er fi cu wasightim toakeadfi h ol wn. asht te proidendeseesadfire .r be g iol d prense in trehenow befly ineolnially i t heesve s crit cis my isuenial r waing oesvecrismong.ue qadd i wa on twa ropg oong. and wddewa top lehim off thend w lemff top thangodd fortronwomei sa at heop time. an >>ddhrisor: meoningmehe acsatt ttim hill y>>ismeg cnton --ac yespusd the ll presint c.nton - at e en of t desaysedhe re camento e ga aft t en t qaddei reemergedndtaed meo ga ft kiing t anddds h rismeed ed owpeop. ki g bu tthisholeerioof te an h ere waseft owop una de buisleio t the r la ede ast longe u mede libye s gola kle aere i lse th b ig misbygoke byeanger f is th ben bis
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b yen y takamer fan a por o tbe tnle nat o yaker as po o mu w teakeler for and n tatheo s ousas ofis le s mu wke fornd t coromised d th csamioflle comid thl apons bron into andhe byanhat has t o bone bro i dealtan anwithtsas to b dlt rthultf being r le ot longef b chrng: wh do u ma by le o l on thush uyuman rhrwhso may orga zatiths th hav num s instigion the d ea thgati t n qaddi a sinign he dea dd a pssie ar crim >>'m fe the ule lawven fo the rst ong im >>d wh f youheane tawon tal k bofoe t g reig polic curiwhouo al k cisis les he an ig ol riinveigatn bulet'give si ler amhican anors a veaiatlbu tt'yve am caanuse thes war o terr.aiy he f led case thelo wseitmor. esid t obhea sa f he duld clloe gio. mo were n cidloobngsae ld gmo aclndgie. is ot uwesi n c gmo gmo awe d't he a p ce t ois p u amo d e pison. to a we ught hig value rget tomoronw where e htigalld
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etomw wreeld put tm? e weo loger all t ciapu t tm?o welor aiao inrroge them. let'inveigatwhat hinpeognedhe qad fi bt' letve havat aat h pe ne dedntio picy t pro ct ad betav de io p y pamican les st reang troris eir rand rig s. am an th lestea thiris esen t f orr thendig lath yeaand halfasadeseen fhe so very p r nlaioeald lf adcuri decionshat m so er praidrill comelack to h aunt riec ns t is cntry iidlomac t hnt hope cry i'm i wrong. h >>hrishow you insweth ro her esti i a sked >>isw ou we th secrety c li on a bor theti aed stin ion, seuttiet troop cslironbohe inn, ti op slitarnterventionn taafri, no tntopvesion then grous buair rik and rino op dog noheing syria. ou bu r shiksaysnde ha t be s rt donog yr and ke i on shyshaase-by b-casee basi d i >> t wor comnitys a tasbyase disided outyria. t or om ty i a ppor pting peoe did t ia . af ca i or th p is tiere ngis w is aded aaficca thand s is ie a a wutsanns ed a icrkin ifd ran its a a nuclear wns ere ey ain hifden it a n wleill
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be the e aigst cngenurit w l tion sec ity viroheent ig cin mlifeeme an thi on ecy admirostraton iblow ng i mfe ahi whent cos to iran. mira i owey a i n beingtrg encoto i n. enou whe it ces t a n b sng.g israou hashe b ceen thrn uer . th bus. ra as bthenn uer thus.ras f e eolned.s theyre gng thaveolned. aho ey g t ve at iqhey would nave othe ise. ihey ou iflehrowavhe wld hee. leow wnto es. anobams policies en i nt ocometo inas n ot bee anam p ic s i woing d thy me i hasav neoteeeen wo g both enoh wh itom t havotee bonowht t soia. >> cis: en y satown d i h e i n otalngso. o cut: yatn o h i hoolalou sngd yoalwa hav o tohink of wh you audie nc ol sis ayowa yavou sd ou r udtoncnkewhou aie day i s a s theud01nc2eubca y cand tat. 2 ub caat iyouressa thayou nt t ndativ e? iur sa ha >>uheseecis ns m atte r. t i wa theiv te?ros c >>seis h me.te godwahe t cnowshey he. fghwe i d aq a theresint inorighwshe fthatghhey weme h ie with eir ahesi i hegh helup hh. at y i wa h to d iit wel
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at h penshenelra hw i s wa o igointo bmuchmore dif cult h ns in tms othe iraqi psple in b ch re dbeinifsuccltsful. t o e qi ir is e biest nnerof in ccthisfu i nt o psi dent irias bit er caidat to lk aisut i o fo pign silicynt wh wou youo it h caato g aitmo. fo n cy us t.whouou t th giamo. i nt roustt. th ia proner i wh wou youto in afgh ista pr er pu oug the roopwhout ou ou in seembeof n t ghta yea r,puugheopt sebe n ea coroming t secd fitingeaso whatcomiou t yecou do w fingrasoif at they trd to yilln wraif amba ador ereeyndtr sl?n at iyourolic o sppbagorend s l?e inis f et itingurolic o g nuear apon i s athe e of e daet theng nu r on cisis t at et prf idendaobamhe isakini thk ar si t pr en amstra gica y unisund ind outhar peop neeto step ra caun d ouallee hi we ave opjobseerobl s and ap na tion leechi p roblweeme bsblnd a gring the d naon ec chr p: whbl youay the gr g needheo st d up,o you think hrwh ou t he th hav fail to edstp, s y sohi thav il or? thy ha not onit rob ust enou. thha ot an wonh a clearobus w ea n,ou w a ea a iraqi n bng w a rampro nsed,fgha bstanngeing
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mpromid, o besf end nro d,ha an ngisra feeng the can 't t ru mi oes d n ll o ra teehese thean iuear e ll woh mo dis tssioseon o uesiar andresint oma i womois io owoulprai himf ihoug he wndsi o i right ul ai im ifiuge had lef wt 00igo ,000 if ead trps iiraqef wou hav00 o ,0defeedim. if htrhad i gaqivenou gavalll fe . the c nce fin hisdh genhe jll i e ghan ctae andin nhho thehe j ghti s son for p olanicdho t asons would ave tito s bnor p hi i s iedldo heelp him b cse gmo buti edan't h ael weimhoul use t't whose it. to t replica par naonalecury ma ers ste.p tepca ar up na oalurmarstep t. >> cis: natograh a h se ostro cofehis c: toah h morn g. o ro ofank eu foares coming. rn k >> tfonke y cin t
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
w e waulcrimd, thkileng o esti qaddoni. wa im arthyou lfendng by tay qaddafi e ed ? aru ndy ay it es lk li t qa i cauredim and jt d id t l li t toillim whi ch i 'tca pedtt a j d bui d 't ttohil tim whior istt ing o buou him for t vorery i ng ag all of is remou hnsor vy allf em fodder fhe f left andf foere ernvesti fgationso lefandf e nvti ga onoat. >> cis: havto te a breahere we me b.k, t c: av taeb eare sh thee r bep tlicafielisn' afraebo mi shhep.epca eln' now, herami rubcansootop. t th campw,gn tilarnsoo to 20 p itics, n t.thmp til ar 20pic wenow placwher toing d tuing haveivenay tslee ng.we w acer tog tug vewherenslee tess eeghts. yielto rtfulleep erees tsel rulep and nestcan lp y gether d st n like yt ha forge erso m y pele bore. kehar mwhenpeakin blunee.a, d't dve opete mhine eninne d d pe mne til u fe ful awa. lkin eatg, dving orngagl g infetherulctivwaies inat dngile leeporwithagt inermembiving s theext y, e epth mbg het haveeen port.
2:46 am
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2:47 am
2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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